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Frequently Asked Questions

While the NY rent laws are still new, there is case law and plenty of opinions available supporting the fact that the law is and will be applied strictly by the courts and enforcement agencies. 

Help Finding Information Online about the new rent laws?

Click here for the text of the security deposit law

Click here for a recent court case strictly enforcing the security deposit provision in favor of a tenant

Click here to read the recent court case (it’s brief)

Click here for tenant’s rights under the new law

I'm a Landlord and my lease takes care of my security deposit notifications. So I'm protected, right?

Wrong. Leases that incorporate a security deposit inspection notice do not protect landlords from the new security deposit provisions. This is so because section 7-108(3) of the law states that these types of clauses are void. It may go further and void the entire lease. “Any agreement by a lessee or tenant of a dwelling waiving or modifying his rights as set forth in this section shall be absolutely void.”

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To hire MeriLeads to take care of your security deposit compliance services, simply fill out this Registration Form and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs and get started.

Why haven't I heard about the security deposit inspection rules before MCS told me about them?

While summaries of the new law by REBNY and other landlord organizations do not higlight them, security deposit regulations in the new law exist, have teeth and ignoring them will be expensive and problematic for landlords.

Are stabilized apartments exempt from the new security deposit laws?

Landlords of stabilized units must comply with the move-out inspection requirements and itemize deductions from the security. As a result, conducting a pre-move in inspection is advisable. Without a pre-move in inspection as a basis for the apartment’s condition landlord’s lack proof of tenant damage at the end of lease.

Why Compliance with the Security Deposit provisions of the law rents are So Necessary?

Failing to comply with the laws open up  Landlords to getting sued in small claims court by tenants for return of security deposits.  Violation of the security deposit povisions also risk attention by the Attorney General

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