Collect Rent  Electronically

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Fast & Easy

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$0 Setup fees

$10 per month for Unlimited Units

ACH - $2.99

Credit & Debit Card - $0

Recurring Payments, Robust Reports

Text & Email Invoicing

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You Asked for it. We Delivered!

Our independent landlord friends asked for a simple, low-cost, secure, electronic rent collection solution.  So we created MeriPay, our cutting edge payment app enabling you to easily request and accept electronic rent and security deposits in a variety of ways.

Is it secure?

We are backed by industry leading data security and fraud protection.

Funds Transfer Time

Transactions typically take 1-2 business days to hit your account.

Do you have live support?

Yes! Just call 800.555.1212. A live human will help you.

What if I want it for Free?

Ask us how CNP Surcharging can reduce or eliminate your app costs.

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